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Hardwood Floor

The first step to a great hardwood floor installation is hiring a contractor who is experienced and well-versed with the different options of installing this type of flooring in homes or commercial co

Shared by kevinmadison

3 simple steps to managing your books - business

A useful checklist that enables small businesses to look after their books in just one hour a week.

Shared by cashzilla

Does RTI apply to me?

Take this quiz to help determine whether the new RTI reporting system for PAYE will apply to your business.

Shared by cashzilla

Spring Clean your books - FreeAgent

Solid tips for small businesses on how to spring clean their finances and get their books in order.

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UK businesses must now submit Real Time PAYE info

Round-up of tweets, news and other info on the HMRC's new RTI reporting process for PAYE.

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UK Businesses: Are you ready for RTI? | cashzilla

UK employers now have to report payroll information to HMRC in real time - find out what this could mean for your business.

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Video: How to grow a business | cashzilla

Short video with useful tips on ways in which you can start to expand your business.

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Flat Rate Scheme - Are you better off? - FreeAgen

Use this calculator tool to find out if your small business would save money by switching to the HMRC's VAT flat rate scheme.

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Would your business benefit from the VAT flat rat

Would the HMRC's flat rate scheme for VAT save your business time and money?

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Dwolla Blog | 10 Most Innovative Dwolla Integrati

A good list of innovative software solutions for small businesses.

Shared by cashzilla

New podcast series showcases successful business

Interesting new podcast series offering insightful interviews with entrepreneurs who have successfully founded a business.

Shared by cashzilla

New year's resolutions for your business

Handy post with ideas for easy but beneficial changes to your business you can make in the New Year.

Shared by cashzilla

Bad accounting habits to give up in 2013 | Busine

Useful tips on how to make your bookkeeping (and entire business) more efficient.

Shared by cashzilla

Self Assessment a concern for UK's smallest bu

Survey reveals that many small businesses in Britain are seriously intimidated by the thought of filling out their tax return.

Shared by cashzilla

Tax tips for sole traders | The Startup Magazine

Handy tips for filling out your self assessment tax return, designed especially for sole traders.

Shared by cashzilla

Oslo Fashion Week - A/W 2013 - gossipfever

The very cool Oslo Fashion Week is back again with the latest collections for autumn/winter 2013 from Norway's most innovative designers.

Shared by gossipfever

CSI Zurich Equestrian Gala - A Horse Show Unlike

Zurich's top horse show celebrates 25 years in 2013 - check out this playlist of amazing animal stunts and performances from previous years.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Food Sensitivities - The Ins and Outs

Information on this common but often misunderstood health condition, with links to further reading.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Self Assessment Checklist: get to a happy place w

Step-by-step guide to completing your self assessment tax return - very clear, easy-to-read format is easy to follow and makes the process easier.

Shared by cashzilla

YouTube to mp3 Converter

Very efficient youtube to mp3 converter

Shared by managefast

January is Soup Month

Lovely soup photos shared on Twitter - perfect for a winter's day.

Shared by calmyourbeans

How to keep your New Year

Tips on keeping your New Year's resolutions realistic and more likely to be kept.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Good News for Small UK Businesses in 2013? - Chir

A number of factors suggest that things may improve for small businesses in the UK in 2013...

Shared by cashzilla

How to spot cash flow warning signs? | The Startu

Advice on how to ensure your business's cash flow stays healthy.

Shared by cashzilla

Christmas Dinner Nutrition

Interactive image that shows the health benefits of Christmas dinner foods - they're healthier than you think.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Salary and Dividends: A Tax Efficient Mix

Tips on reducing tax bills through combining salary with dividends from your company.

Shared by cashzilla

Bundlr - Cambodia

Fabulous photos and other useful resources for a holiday in Cambodia.

Shared by travelwyse

Dubai for Foodies

Fab images of food, restaurants, cafes and bars in Dubai.

Shared by travelwyse

A Brief History of British Coach Travel

A short and interesting history of how coach travel has evolved in the last century in Britain.

Shared by travelwyse

Give the gift of health this Christmas | CalmYour

Great ideas for Christmas gifts that inspire a healthy lifestyle.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Get down with Zurich's Jazznojazz Festival

Top global jazz artists visit Zurich for this fabulous 4-day festival - check out our playlist for a sample.

Shared by travelwyse

Top Ten Top Ten - The Top Ten Healthy Halloween T

Tasty but healthy alternatives to the standard sugary Halloween treats.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Did you see Megabus at Freshers' Week?

Megabus were handing out leaflets at several UK universities during Freshers' Week - check and see if you or your friends are in their photos!

Shared by calmyourbeans

Halloween in Dublin 2012 - travelwyse

Handy list of some of the Halloween events and tours taking place in Dublin in October 2012.

Shared by travelwyse

How to Get Fit for Free | General Fitness | FireH

Tips and ideas on easy workouts that can be done for free.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Top Ten Top Ten - The Top Ten Reasons to Quit Smo

The top 10 health benefits of quitting smoking, just in time for Stoptober.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Colourful assortment of Twitter photos showing different activities to raise awareness for breast cancer!

Shared by calmyourbeans

Time for a winter health tune-up - Calm Your Bean

Suggestions for some health checks you may consider getting before the cold weather sets in.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Trot over to the Oslo Horse Show - calmyourbeans

The biggest equestrian event in Norway promises quite a show.

Shared by calmyourbeans

The Joys of Swiss Chocolate

Blog post about the origins of the famous Swiss chocolate factories.

Shared by travelwyse

Top 5 reasons to take a spa break this autumn - O

Why taking a relaxing spa break before winter sets in is good for your body, mind and spirit (and career!).

Shared by calmyourbeans

Nectar's 10th Anniversary - Boosting Your Po

The Nectar points programme celebrates its 10th anniversary with loads of deals and competitions.

Shared by calmyourbeans

The Funny Side of German HumourExpat People

Is German humour funny? Or does it have a bad rap?

Shared by travelwyse

Cycling in Oslo - travelwyse

Info and a handy map all about cycling around Norway's capital and surrounding areas.

Shared by travelwyse

The World of Crockery Collecting | CalmYourBeans

Blog post about people who collect dishes and all kinds of interesting tableware.

Shared by calmyourbeans

World Heart Day - 29th September - calmyourbeans

World Heart Day encourages us to look at how our lifestyle contributes to a healthy heart.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Dressing for outdoor autumn fitness - Calm Your B

Ideas for autumn workout clothes that are stylish and practical and will keep you warm and motivated in the colder weather.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Tips on Cooking for a Crowd

Great tips if you're hosting a meal for a large number of people.

Shared by calmyourbeans

Celebrating Dvořák in Prague

Info and videos on the great Czech composer and the annual festival in Prague that celebrates him.

Shared by geekoverture

Zurich in Late Summer - travelwyse

How people are spending the last days of summer in Zurich.

Shared by travelwyse