What is Surfedia?

Surfedia is a personal online bookmarking service that allows its users to add, store and share bookmarks by simply dragging them across the screen. 


How do I add bookmarks to my account?

You can add bookmarks in two ways.  The easiest one is to download and install our browser plugin, which will let you add bookmarks to your personal account with a simple click of a button.  If you don't feel like downloading anything at this time, simply enter the url in the box at the top of the screen and click "Add"


Can I have personal bookmarks?

Of course, that's the main purpose of Surfedia.


What are the Folders?

That's exactly what they are.  Folders help you organize your bookmarks, and if this wasn't enough, you can also assign tags to each of your bookmarks.


What are Channels?

When you create a channel, each time you Drag & Drop a bookmark onto it, all of your channel subscribers will receive the bookmark in their Inbox.  You can create channels to promote your blog, share a specific interest or a hobby, share bookmarks with a select group of people... the possibilities are endless.


What's the Friends section for?

Got any friends?  Ever wanted to share a specific website/URL with them?  Just Drag & Drop the bookmark over their name and they will receive it in their Inbox.  You can even add a comment to your bookmark.


How much does it cost?

Surfedia offers free accounts.