Flat Rate Scheme - Are you better off? - FreeAgen

Use this calculator tool to find out if your small business would save money by switching to the HMRC's VAT flat rate scheme.

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Would your business benefit from the VAT flat rat

Would the HMRC's flat rate scheme for VAT save your business time and money?

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Tax tips for sole traders | The Startup Magazine

Handy tips for filling out your self assessment tax return, designed especially for sole traders.

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Self Assessment Checklist: get to a happy place w

Step-by-step guide to completing your self assessment tax return - very clear, easy-to-read format is easy to follow and makes the process easier.

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Salary and Dividends: A Tax Efficient Mix

Tips on reducing tax bills through combining salary with dividends from your company.

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Too Rich to Live? -

Wanted the change, now bend over

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Your taxes and the Olympics --

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Ryanair proposes 'fat tax' for obese passe

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Tax Tips

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