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Site organization

Surfedia is organized in a simple fashion.  On the left-hand side of your screen are links to your private content.  The links at the top belong to the public area.  While any links on the right-hand side of the screen let you share content with your friends and other Surfedia users, as well as, Channels.



Adding bookmarks to your account

There are three ways of adding bookmarks to your account.  1) While browsing surfedia, simply drag and drop a bookmark to your folder  2) Enter the URL of a page to bookmark  3) Use a Firefox toolbar button to add bookmarks to your surfedia account.



Sharing bookmarks

Sharing bookmarks on surfedia is as easy as dragging and dropping.



Managing your bookmarks

Each user account is capable of storing thousands of bookmarks.  To help you better organize them, we suggest you use Folders and Tags.  The Notes functionality allows you to add comments about a specific bookmark.